Spree Wilson-The Never Ending Now (Free Album)

Given the time constraints on us recently, I’ve not really been able to get you Spree’s material as I should have, which is actually a damn shame as he’s a rather talented fellow. His style is very similar to B.o.B’s pre-album work, with a mixture of rapping and harmonic, acoustic-influenced vocals.

I’ve caught 3 or 4 tracks from this album already, all of which have been incredibly diverse and hugely replayable. In particular, Don’t Pass Me By had a chillout, almost Zero 7-esque nature about it, whilst Love You Better really evoked that 2009 B.o.B style. He seems as comfortable with the bars as he does singing with a guitar, and that sort of talent rarely goes unnoticed: simply put, I’d hugely recommend that you jump on the Spree Wilson bandwagon now.

Spree Wilson-The Never Ending Now

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