Scams-Lost For Words

The Scams sound is rock/pop music without bullshit and without boundaries. It’s about heartfelt harmonies and searing melodies, carrying openly sincere words.

I have a very love-hate relationship with the British Indie scene, but every once in a while a track will catch my ear and genuinely impress. Scams’ Lost For Words did just that, bringing together a sense of refinement via an indie-pop sensibility alongside a captivating edginess in its riffs and certain vocal sections to deliver a well-rounded piece of light rock. At times the audio mastering seems slightly off, but that’s just the pedant in me talking!

The video is very well-produced for a relatively unestablished band though, with relatively dark, claustrophobic scenes of the band juxtaposed nicely with the scenic, more expansive views of the video’s female subject. Lots to enjoy there, and the audio backs it up nicely. Worth a watch for fans of the genre.

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