Sade-The Moon And The Sky Remix ft. Jay-Z

The legendary Sade hooks up with Jay-Z for a collaboration that’ll feature on her upcoming The Ultimate Collection compilation.

It’s not often Sade collaborates with other artists, so this is a much welcomed and anticipated track. Produced by 40 (the man behind Drake’s biggest hits) the track is ridiculously smooth which makes for easy-listening. Jay’s verse, whilst nothing revolutionary, does compliment the track really well, with some clever wordplay and he flows well to the song.

Sade – The Moon And The Sky Remix ft. Jay-Z

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1 comment to Sade-The Moon And The Sky Remix ft. Jay-Z

  • Chris

    I really enjoyed this. The beat is a nice subtle rework that really updates the track. I’m now spending the afternoon in the office playing Sade. Cheers!

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