Ryan Leslie-Glory Video

Expected to be on his upcoming Les Is More album, this is both a change of direction for Ryan and also one of his more personal tracks to date.

Usually, I’m not a fan of singers trying to rap, but here R-Les proves the rare exception with an immensely introspective and honest lyrical performance, addressing topics from his perennial status as ‘underrated’ to his personal life. There’s no particularly intricate wordplay or metaphors, but the simple lyricism works very well in tandem with Leslie’s empassioned delivery. The edgy and progressive production works to emphasise that raw, honest vibe with spiky guitars and crashing drums closing the track out in an energetic and memorable fashion.

Very solid track, and I’m very surprised at how likeable this track is for a ‘non-rapper’. Video is made up of live and ‘candid’ footage which doesn’t break any boundaries, but fits the feel of the song nicely.

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