Proof, J Dilla and T3-The Fizzo

‘I heard about this track before I ever actually heard it from a very excited DJ Head back in ’94, right around the time that F.C. (Funky Cowboys) was created. In his typical fashion when he had heard something that nobody else had, Head just giggled and said “man, Proof and Jaydee got this new record, man…” When I heard it I knew what Head was so amped-up about, these guys really had a crazy chemistry together. That’s T3 of Slum Village on the chorus.‘ (Paul Rosenberg’s blog)

Can’t disagree with the above, as the chemistry between the late Dilla and Proof is evident on this smoothed out jam from 1994. Dilla served up a head-nodding production that really pulls you back to the warm summers of childhood, whilst Proof comes through with a mixture of flows that accentuate his wordplay nicely. To be honest, he could be rapping about toast and I’d love this: it’s completely caked in nostalgia, and feels like it pulls you right back in time, a feeling that I’m a huge sucker for. Plus, it’s Proof and Dilla!!

Proof and J Dilla-The Fizzo ft. T3

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