Girls Love Shoes Ft. Dave Raps-Stars

“The electrifying L.A. based pop duo known as Girls Love Shoes teams up with Dave Raps for this amazingly inspiring track. This is where genre lines get smashed, and overflowing with invention, “Stars” delivers unexpected lyrical depth, shimmering synths and a sonic spirit that makes you move as much as it makes you dream. With edgy verses from Dave Raps alongside the soulful and alluring vocals of Nadia Fay, this track will insight a riot in your imagination.”

Cannot say I know too much about either Girls Love Shoes or Dave Raps but based solely on this track, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for both acts. Dave Raps does no harm to his burgeoning reputation with a pair of solid verses delivered with hunger and fire that feels at home on a synth heavy electro beat. Stars is an atmospheric, chilled and infectious song that I’m certain will clock up numerous plays in my Itunes; it’s not a song you interrupt. A stream and download of the audio is available below.

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