David Banner, Estelle and Daley-Benz

Quite the unexpected collab here, as Banner hooks up with two UK talents for his latest effort. In a similar manner to Gorillaz’s Doncamatic, this track ends up being a bit of a showcase for Daley rather than for the actual ‘title’ artist.

I assume Banner helmed the production, and he serves up a vintage soul-inspired production that certainly suggests he’s much more than the ‘southern’ hip-hop beats he’s been previously known for. Very bouncy, upbeat vibe to this one that compliments both Estelle and Daley well, with Daley making the most of his fairly extensive vocal exposure with a catchy, rousing performance. One that could easily crack the mainstream, but may get repetitive for the rest of us.

Video is very lively and colourful, and has a nice freedom about it that captures the vibe of the song well. Does the job well enough without ever really excelling, and fits the song in that sense by being decent, if unspectacular.

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