Childish Gambino-All of The Lights Remix/Cover

Time for two big statements: firstly, this is the best All of The Lights version I’ve heard (excluding the original). Secondly, Childish Gambino is going to be a big, big deal. He’s a multi-talented fellow, and is more commonly known as actor Donald Glover, but here you’re going to be getting familiar with his rapping and singing ability as Childish Gambino. I’ve heard lots about this guy, and have been impressed with the one or two tracks I’ve caught, but this one is genuinely rather stunning.

The track opens by stripping out Kanye’s instrumental for a more acoustic style, which Gambino laces with a captivating set of vocals covering the AOTL hook. It’s followed up with versatile raps that adjust to the ever-changing beat with consumate ease and engaging lyricism. The production flits between AOTL samples, hip-hop percussion loops and the aforementioned acoustic style in a manner that works surprisingly well and really tests Gambino: he passes with flying colours. Do me a favour: don’t call him the new Drake, he’s clearly far too intelligent. Call him the first Childish Gambino.

Childish Gambino-Break (AOTL Remake)

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