Chase & Status Ft. Delilah-Time

Although it’s already getting a lot of airtime on the radio and television, I felt the need to post the latest Chase & Status single from their (hit and miss) sophomore album No More Idols.

The video is hugely engrossing and depicts a realistic view of domestic violence, showing the complexity of man and the damaging effects of such obscene actions: The events of the video reflect that there is hope and that there is help for those who are trapped in abusive relationships. In this case, the abuser is jailed before the situation worsens, but in real life, many victims are not so lucky and this needs to change.

The backdrop to all of this is a solid Chase & Status drum and bass production featuring the vocals of the relatively unknown Delilah. Both the vocals and the beat entwine, creating a sound that tugs at the heartstrings in the way that only Liquid drum and bass can.

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