Bad Meets Evil-Fast Lane

It’s been in excess of a month since I last put fingers to keys (on here at least, I’ve still managed to churn out hip-hop randomness on my Twitter) so forgive me for any evident rustiness. Regardless, a joint like this speaks for itself and thus renders my job here today somewhat easier.

So Eminem and Royce recently announced that the long-awaited and anticipated Bad Meets Evil EP was finally on the horizon for June sometime. Fast Lane forms the first drop from the EP and serves up a healthy dose of what we all expected: razor-sharp, tongue-twisting, triple-time lyricism from two emcee’s back on top, trading bars back and forth like it’s 1999 all over. Now y’all can’t hate on that.

Bad Meets Evil (Eminem & Royce Da 5’9″)-Fast Lane

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