Asher Roth and Nottz Raw-Enforce The Law Video

The track itself is/was one of the more enjoyable head-nodders to emerge late last year, and its fair to say that the vibe of the track didn’t create any expectations for a mini-movie style video. Looks like you’re in for the same pleasant surprise I recieved, as this is a very well produced video that throws an interesting plot in over the superb audio.

Lots of interesting highlights to pick out, as the video veers between light humour (the Top 40 Mix CD for example) to grittier, more ‘underground’ style scenes with guns and drugs making various appearances. I won’t ruin the actual plot of the video for you as it’s really worth a watch, and will certainly get you replaying that audio once again.

If you’ve not grabbed it already, grab this track and a few others on the free Rawth EP.

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