Yasmin-Finish Line [Video]

Wasn’t expecting this video to drop so soon, but I’m glad it has. Yasmin’s second single is here in visual form and it displays the complexities and eclectic nature of her style and sound perfectly. The vast array of unique dress-wear symbolises this very well (not in a Lady Gaga sense!). It’s a song about closing stages of an ill-fated relationship; the moments where one person decides to end it. Particularly enjoyed the blasting effect of the boyfriend when Yasmin decides she no longer wants him in his life, along with her (literally!) sinking into her bed, which I feel helps visualise that ‘sinking feeling’ we all feel when we’re not really sure we’ve made the right decision.

Not much analysis of the fantastic song itself is needed, as Ajay has already done that to a great standard (click here). Personally I was really impressed with Yasmin displaying the scale of her vocal abilities on this track and very much looking forward to hearing a whole album from her.

What’s most impressive is that she’s said it only took her around 30 minutes to write this song! Produced by Labrinth, the single is set to be released on May the 8th.

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