Swizz Beatz and Eve-Everyday (Coolin’)

After a brief hiatus, Swizzy’s #MonsterMondays returns with the first single from his upcoming album, Haute Living. Swizzy serves up one of those slightly off-beat productions that can go either way, but I’m not sure it works for me.

Sacrificing most of the percussion for claps and clicks feels a bit 2007 (and even then I didn’t particularly like it), and the lack of thicker drum loops highlights the shrill nature of the synth, which eventually become a bit painful on the ear. However, as with most Swizzy productions, it may be one that grows on you with more listens. The raps aren’t classic by any means, but Swizzy takes on the relatively unusual beat fairly well, whilst Eve definitely takes the award for best verse on the track with a decent performance.

Swizz Beatz-Everyday (Coolin’) ft. Eve

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