Supa Dupa Fly @ Jazz Café - March 11th [Event]

Do you remember when you were growing up, and you first heard Biggie or Tupac? Did you used to listen to the Pure Swing Albums? Remember when you first went out to some dodgy club with too much make-up or hair gel with fake ID to get down to your fave jams? It was the late 90’s, and if you were like us, you we’re listening to Hiphop and R&B!

Supa Dupa Fly will be bringing back those times! Named after Missy’s first Album (but you knew that), the music is ONLY 90’s Hip-Hop and R&B, so expect to hear Dr Dre, Snoop Dog, KRS One, Wu-Tang, Nas, Bigge, Tupac, A Tribe Called Quest, Gang Starr, LL Cool J and all your fav cheesy 90’s R&B joints from R Kelly, Whitehead Brothers, Montell Jordan, Destiny’s Child, Jodeci and lots more!

The above sounds like an epic night; not one to be missed! You can even email your song requests to get free entry before 11pm to If that doesn’t convince you, selected pints and vodka mixers are only £2.20 – unheard of in London! For more details, click the flyer to the left so you can see it properly in full size.

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