Saigon-Bring Me Down II [Video]

Visuals for what’s certainly one of the most intense tracks from Saigon’s mightily impressive Greatest Story Never Told album. Hip hop anthems are increasingly becoming a rarity in this day and age, so it’s always great to see rappers still trying to make them. Bring Me Down is one such anthem, incredibly hard hitting – in production and in the lyrics. The lyrical content and tone of this track is immediately relatable to the listener no matter where you’re from or what you’ve experienced.

The video itself encompass everything about the tone of the track, with black and white visuals and the imagery displayed. A good example of this is where, half way through the video, Saigon knocks down a woman and a car, which are revealed to be 2D ‘cardboard cut outs’, suggesting that such material things are not what hip hop is about. With Saigon (quite literally in this video) flying the hip hop flag, it’s good to see a rapper not tone down his music or buckle under a major label’s demands.

This track is so good that there are 3 versions of it, this one being on the album, which you can go cop from iTunes (it’s certainly worth it). You can grab part III of this track, which features Joe Budden, for free by clicking here.

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