Rebecca Black-Friday

The phrase ‘lyrical masterpiece’ is bandied about very often these days, but once or twice in a generation, a song arises that not only captures the imagination, but also the hearts and minds of everyone who hears it and warrants that tag of lyrical masterpiece.

Today, that day has arrived. From the intricate wordplay down to the mind-boggling metaphors, this is a song…nay, a musical event that takes all of the world’s dangers and wonders and condenses them into one digestable package: One that will reduce even the most hardened man to a blubbering, whimpering wreck.

With a production surely helmed by the Gods themselves, we’re greeted with a unique, uncategorisable beat that defies musical and social boundaries to unite its listeners in song, dance and love. Crucially, we’re also treated to a rap verse from one of hip-hop’s few remaining legends, with a tongue-twisting flow and storytelling lyricism that gives this track a real ‘street’ appeal, truly elevating this to the status of ‘all-time classic’. I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve cried in joy, and I hope that my fellow music lovers will join me in showing this celebration of life the respect and admiration it deserves.

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