R&B Fridays: Episode 91

Yeah, we’re delayed again. You’re all pretty much used to it now though. When we hit that 100th episode, I may just have to rename this to something a little less ‘day specific’…

Catch-up: delayed visuals for Usher’s More, the video for Yasmin’s Finish Line and an official remix, very enjoyable video for Musiq and Swizzy’s single, XV’s remix of Erin Christine’s Naked, and finally Wiz Khalifa jumps on a remix with Cee-Lo.

Lots of features and guest spots in this week’s episode, so get your mice at the ready and get clicking below.

Chris Brown-She Ain’t You

-Utilising Michael Jackson’s Human Nature for the bulk of the production, it’s not anything revolutionary as we’ve heard the sample used elsewhere but it certainly is a very enjoyable track. Vocals are solid from Chris, with the hook in particular being very memorable.

Mateo-Power ft. Pusha T & Ab Liva
-Unquestionably the most original take on Kanye’s Power to date. To call this a remix would be grossly unfair as for the most part, the production massively alters the samples of the original and results in an atmospheric, sombre production that compliments Mateo’s voice nicely. Solid features too that don’t break up the vibe of the track. Very good effort.

Kelly Rowland-Motivation ft. Lil’ Wayne (Diplo Remix)
-The original was posted last week, and Diplo has got his hands on the track to add an minimalist electro vibe to the track. I’m fairly indifferent towards the original, and the same applies for this as it doesn’t really reach out and grab me. Mainstream folk will enjoy this though, as will fans of the original.

Bobby Valentino-Hummin’ ft. Lloyd Banks
-There’s some potential in the track as its catchy, has a fairly positive production and isn’t particularly challenging lyrically. For me however, it’s just too formulaic and too departed from what Bobby’s really good at (those smooth slow jams). However, I can see the track’s appeal to the chart fans, and its probably a good choice for a single.

Montell Jordan-Stir It Up ft. Fatman Scoop

-The feature says it all really. Lots of energy and shouting, and over a dance-pop beat that suits Fatman Scoop just fine. Can’t say I’d necessarily listen to it in my spare time, but it’d sure as hell go down well in a club.

Johnta Austin-Angel Is Mine Till I’m Gone ft. Wiz Khalifa
-Originally posted last year as The Angel Is Mine, this is essentially the same song with a Wiz feature. I can only assume that means this is getting used as a single, and although Wiz’s feature is very short and essentially repeating the same lines, it doesn’t sound out of place.

Charlie Wilson-Throw It All Away

-Bonus track from Just Charlie. Really enjoyable too, as he delivers those vintage vocals over a Stargate-esque pop/R&B production that will make for easy and familiar listening to most. He makes good use of what is essentially a standard production, and comes through with some upliftin and memorable vocals.

Timbaland-Naked ft. Chris Brown

-Some irony in the title given the recent Chris’ recent ‘exposure’, but there we are. Not particularly impressed with this production, which sounds pretty outdated and almost like a FutureSexLoveSounds throwaway. Chris’ hook is OK, but is also nothing particularly outstanding.

Trina-Ghetto ft. T-Pain
-Maybe not technically R&B, but it’s probably for the same audience. The verses are pretty typical mainstream fare and relatively painful to sit through, with the T-Pain hook undoubtedly the highlight. Production is OK and would have sounded better with a more skilled rapper, but is brought down significantly by the terrible raps.

Frankie J-Should Be Me
-Frankie channels his inner Mike Posner here, coming through with a delivery that is extremely similar to some of his recent work. The production also has that light electro influence some of Posner’s more popular tracks tend to, with an easygoing yet catchy melody driving this track along. Solid effort.

DJ Felli Fel-Boomerang ft. Pitbull, Jermaine Dupri and Akon
-The lineup says it all. Pulsating electro-pop is the name of the game here, with thick bass and synth work making this ideal for mainstream exposure. Throw in a typically catchy Akon hook, and you’ve got a track that has quite a lot of potential in the charts and clubs.

Chris Brown-Wet the Bed ft. Ludacris
-Yeah, I know. Great title. The thing is, the track is genuinely very good and is an enjoyable slice of bedroom music, but it’s almost impossible to shake the notion that they’re talking about urine. Very solid production for a slow jam, with licks of guitar alongside thudding drums for the hook, and switching to a more minimal style for the verses. Chris’ vocals are on point, ‘Cris comes through with a good verse and it does have all the right ingredients. I just wish they had picked a better title/tagline for the hook.

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