Nardwuar Interviews Odd Future

I rarely post or even watch interviews, but this is far too entertaining to not post. Not sure who this Nardwuar fellow is, but his geeky persona is relatively entertaining and plays off the Odd Future boys really well.

There’s a lot to love here, as Hodgy and Tyler are at their immature best and are clearly having an awful lot of fun in the limelight. It’s nice to see that sort of ‘free-spirited’ nature, and it’ll definitely have you cracking up at some of the things they come out with. Always good to see artists who don’t take themselves too seriously.

Gained a new respect for Tyler musically too, as he clearly knows his stuff and has a deep knowledge and appreciation for a wide range of music. It’s refreshing to see that whilst they’re impulsive and ‘crazy’ on the surface, they clearly have a good understanding of music underneath it all, which hopefully sets them in good stead for their careers. Golf Wang.

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