Mook, Jadakiss, Shella and Akon-Freaky

Swizzy’s #MonsterMondays is a little confusing this week. It’s being labelled with a big Ruff Ryders Indy logo, and I’m not entirely sure what that’s meant to represent. There were rumblings a few months ago of a Ruff Ryders reunion, so I’m not sure where this fits in but there we are.

The track is pretty much everything you mainstream heads could want: catchy Akon hook, very energetic, club friendly production and simple verse work. I’m not really enjoying it as the beat seems stuck in that awkward spot between old school and modern, and hence comes off as a 1999-2001 era reject. It’s just too formulaic for my liking, but I expect the mainstream fans will enjoy it.

Mook, Jadakiss, Shella and Akon-Freaky

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