Magnetic Man-Whip My Hair (Willow Smith Cover)

The popular Magnetic Man trio stopped by BBC’s Live Lounge to add their dub spin to Willow’s Whip My Hair, and certainly came away with an interesting result. The beat is fantastic, with the booming bass lows being hugely atmospheric, whilst the hook peaks and dips those thick bass hits to good effect.

Would have been nice to hear a little more going on production-wise (outside of the sporadic, short and often odd samples), as my most frequent criticism of the dub style is that it’s the closest thing to a homogenous genre, though I’m not as wisened to the style as many others so maybe you’ll hear more than I do.

Definitely worth a listen though, as it is a pretty dark and interesting take on the track. Might it have been more entertaining with Willow’s actual vocals? Maybe. Be sure to catch Artwork from the MM trio live at XOYO in London tomorrow night!

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