Lupe Fiasco-Break The Chain ft. Sway & Eric Turner [Typography Video]

I think it’s fair to say that despite Lupe’s Lasers selling very well on a commercial level, on a critical level his album has been panned. I myself felt very let down by the direction Lupe went with (with most of the songs orientated towards a pop sound, with less focus on lyrics), though Lupe Fiasco claims this was mandatory in order for Atlantic to allow him to release it. I won’t go into what I think on the matter, otherwise I’ll be writing for days, but what I will say is Words I Never Said proved to be one of the few songs of its kind on the release.

Here we have an unofficial video of sorts, with the now proving to be popular ‘typography’ type videos that have shown to be a good promotional tool. The song in question is Break The Chain, featuring UK rapper Sway and recent ‘go-to guy’ Eric Turner providing the hook. I like this type of video for songs of a lyrical nature, so this song doesn’t really fit in that regard, however whilst this isn’t a classic Lupe song, I did really enjoy it. As you know by my posts on this site, I have no issues with commercial songs itself if they genuinely sound good like this one.

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