Lupe Fiasco and Eric Turner-Stereo Sun

I haven’t listened to Lasers yet (time constraint, not a boycott!), but from the widespread fan backlash, I can probably safely say that this track should have made it. He’s been performing this live for quite some time, and it was something many looked forward to being on Lasers. I believe it somehow ended up with Tinchy Stryder, but there we are.

This track is pretty much everything the live version promised. Grand, uplifting Eric Turner hook accompanied by a thumping production that will certainly inspire and get your head nodding. Lupe’s lyrics are decent enough, as he comes through on a ‘look towards the sky’ sort of vibe which itself has slight hints of that Food and Liquor style. Certainly a track that could have penetrated the mainstream and would have definitely satisfied his die-hards. Alas, it wasn’t to be, and Lupe’s undoubtedly worse off without it.

Lupe Fiasco-Stereo Sun ft. Eric Turner

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