Lil' Wayne-If I Die Today ft. Rick Ross

Lil’ Wayne brings us what I believe to be the second single for The Carter IV (what was the first single again?). I feared the worst when I saw this featured Rick Ross, I feared that the production on this would sound exactly like Rick Ross’ recent liking towards B.M.F. type songs. Unfortunately upon listening, my fears were realised.

The Lil’ Wayne parts of this song I actually found myself quite liking, but can’t help but feel this song would be much better without Ross. I don’t mean any offense to the ‘Bawse’ but as I’ve said before, he needs to steer away from these Lex Luger-type beats (or Lex Luger needs to stop making these type of beats?), it’s already become tiresome in my opinion.

Still, this is very worth grabbing if you like that style, or if you’re a fan of Wayne.

Lil’ Wayne – If I Die Today ft. Rick Ross

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