Keri Hilson and Chris Brown-One Night Stand Video

Chris Brown’s really putting the work in with his recent spate of features, and here he hooks up with the ever-lovely Keri Hilson for her latest single.

Having not quite got around to listening to Keri’s recent album, this track is entirely new to me and I’m certainly a fan. The slow, sultry nature is a little more intense and passionate than your usual slow jam, and hence makes for a nice blend of styles. Both come through with very solid performances, which isn’t entirely surprising given their respective track records on this bedroom music style.

Video fits the song nicely, with a dark and steamy feel enhancing the lyrical and vocal vibe. Nothing particularly groundbreaking in terms of style, but it doesn’t need to be here and the video presents the song in a very good light. Naturally with CB involved, there are snippets of dancing thrown in throughout, and they mix things up nicely with the duo’s joint routine being particularly enjoyable.

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