Jelluzz-SB.TV Warm Up Sessions

North London emcee Jelluzz goes in on a few instrumentals for SB.TV’s Warm Up Sessions; most noticeably Nicki & Drake’s Moment For Life & Chipmunk’s Champion. I’ve not heard anything from this guy before so he caught me off guard with his on point flow and clever lyrical ability. Such lines as: “Just a little word play add it up, I’m so vain my reflection can carry blood…” are a good example of this. Major props for the Dimitar Berbatov line too (just so happens to be one my favourite football players about!).

Based on these 5 and half minutes worth of non-stop rhymes; expect to hear a lot more from Jelluzz (I hear his next single will be produced by the excellent Jake Gosling).

Shouts to Sam for drawing my attention to this vid!

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