Frank Ocean (of Odd Future) and Dave Raps-Swim Good

If you thought you knew Odd Future, you’re about to have that perception changed. Frank is actually a singer, and certainly has a very different style to the industrial, ‘shock factor’ style we’ve recently come to know from Tyler and co.

The dark lyricism is still there in parts, but he’s got a very relaxing style, and clearly has an ear for a melody as he comes through with some memorable vocals that suggest Odd Future may just have an even bigger, more diverse (odder?) future than any of us could have predicted. Dave comes through with some solid raps to round off the track nicely, complimenting Frank’s vocals well and showcasing his own versatility well. Wouldn’t recommend missing this, very melodic and thoughtful stuff. Grab the track below, and/or get the full nostalgia, ultra mixtape here.

Frank Ocean-Swim Good ft. Dave Raps

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