Chris Brown and Benny Benassi-Beautiful People Video

Prior to actually watching this I was pretty uninterested to be honest, as the track itself is OK but not necessarily my thing. However, the video is actually surprisingly entertaining, and unlike the usual choreography-centric style of his videos.

It’s not anything particularly groundbreaking, but it’s always fun when a video is full of cameos and this has no shortage of them, with many music and entertainment luminaries making appearances throughout. The addition of fairly candid footage of Chris fooling around is decent too, and you sense he’s really in his element when he’s either dancing or messing around!

As I said, nothing particularly life-changing but a very easy and entertaining watch. I’m happy they didn’t play off the electro-vibe and go with the cheap, lasery, tacky style video we see everywhere. Also, keep an eye out for T-Pain towards the end: you’ll definitely laugh!

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