Chipmunk-Moment For Life Remix [Video]

I’m still massively on the fence with regards to Chipmunk. On the one hand I can see why many people hate on him/his music, but on the other hand he’s undeniably killing it at the moment, both here and (well starting to) in the States. The success and the hate are probably a result of him moving towards hip hop and away from the grime sound. If it’s working for him, who are we to criticise? Even Keri Hilson is doing songs and tweeting with him these days!

On to this song itself, quite an apt one for him to go in on, given that he’s reached a platform higher than most UK urban artists could dream of. With some good lines; Chipmunk is fast becoming one of the more skilled punchline rappers out there.

This song and video gets the thumbs up from me, but I’m sure a fair few of you will disagree with my sentiments above.

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