Bruno Mars and Damian Marley-Liquor Store Blues Video

Probably my favourite track from Bruno’s album, and one that’s still very listenable today. The simplicity of the video is very fitting here, ensuring the easygoing, relaxing reggae vibe of the track isn’t tainted by excessive storyline work.

The cinematography is an understated highlight (oxymoron?) too, with various retro-esque effects, filters and wipes used throughout that enhance that nostalgic, old-school summer day feel of the track.

It’s actually quite refreshing to see Bruno on this chilled out tip too, with his previous videos being pretty emotional, passionate efforts. Say what you want about him (and it seems many people will moan about him just because he’s now popular), but his talents are undeniable and he’s by far the most bearable mainstream pop artist right now by virtue of being a talented singer-songwriter, and with the diversity level that this track shows. I must admit I feel a certain level of personal pride having (helped) uncover his talent towards the end of 2009, and frankly he deserves his success.

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