Big Sean-My Last ft. Chris Brown [Video]

Visuals for Big Sean’s first single from his forthcoming album (not sure when it’s being released, but I’m looking forward to it!). Ajay got it spot on with his analysis of the track, it’s very reflective and celebratory at the same time and despite it having a rather mainstream sound, (largely thanks to Mr. Chris Brown) Big Sean doesn’t sacrifice the cleverness of his lyrics that we’ve all come to love from him.

To further strengthen the reflective and celebratory mood, Sean shares some footage of him and his friends kicking it in 2006, where he was first trying his hand at this profession. Seeing him enjoying himself in the present day amidst the home-made footage, in addition to the somewhat sombre tone of the production, really hits the spot. I couldn’t couldn’t help smile watching the video, and I’m not even 100% really sure why.

Hoping this turns out to be a very big hit for Big Sean, it certainly has the potential to be.

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