B.o.B-No Future (Tyler Of Odd Future Diss?)

It’s crazy how quickly the Odd Future hype-train has gained momentum, they’ve become somewhat of a phenomenon. Tyler from Odd Future in particular has been causing waves all over the industry with him speaking his mind no matter how controversial. It was only a matter of time before he genuinely offended someone.

Though B.o.B mentions no names in this scathing track, it’s not reaching too far to imagine this to be directed at Odd Future…especially if you recall the line Tyler directed at B.o.B in his recent Yonkers track (go listen to that track to hear the line, as it’s far to venomous for myself to repeat here!).

I must admit I do love it when Bobby Ray goes in on a track.

B.o.B – No future

Click here to see Tyler’s reaction to this song.

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