Yasmin-Finish Line (Preview)

Set to be released on May 8th, Yasmin releases a preview for her official second single, Finish Line. It’s another very enjoyable piece, and shows Yasmin experimenting with a slightly different style.

If On My Own was an uptempo, almost ‘explosive’ introduction to her music, this represents a cooling period of deliberacy and structure that may give this more replayability, and a more diverse audience, than the aforementioned debut single (that’s not to criticise On My Own, as that’s a fantastic track in its own right!). The notable change here is a stronger hip-hop influence: from the thudding percussion loops (provided by Labrinth) to the stop-start delivery from Yasmin in the verses, it’s a style that adds a darker and more intense vibe to her voice, consequentially lending credence to the emotional vocals/lyrics in the transitional bridges to the chorus, and the hook itself. The soul quality is retained in those vocals, and when coupled with atmospheric synths worthy of any soul/pop/R&B track, you’ve got a well-rounded effort that swells with eclecticism. Not sure if the ‘finish line’ samples are necessary, but it’s a minor flaw.

I’m delighted she looks to be capitalising on the buzz and success of On My Own without reapplying the same formula. I look forward to the full release (though the distance of the release date is excessive!)

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