Unsigned Hype: Forever August

A new regular feature here at OTU, in which we’ll be introducing and previewing any upcoming, unsigned acts whom we believe have the talent/potential to go far in the music industry.

We’ll have interviews, music and hopefully videos from all acts, which will definitely give you the full heads-up on acts we’re tipping for big things. From indie to hip-hop, there are no barriers on the style and genre with a view to giving everything and everyone a chance, in true OTU style.

The first act I’m bringing you is Forever August, a four piece rock/indie/alternative group from Basingstoke. As luck would have it (or clever planning by yours truly), today they release their first official video, Who Said It Was Over, which you can (and should) go out and purchase from iTunes today. Set in what seems to be a school sports hall, the guys treat us to some tidy visuals that focus mainly on the band, which in turn keeps the emphasis on the superb track itself.

To get to know the band a little more and to treat yourself to a free track, carry on reading after the jump.

A week or so back I managed to throw a few quick questions over to the band, with the aim of letting you get to know them a little bit:

What brought you guys together?

The band is 2 sets of brothers, Adam and Dan Franklin (twins) and Matt and Joe Purdue. Joe and Adam started playing guitar together in school and shortly got Adam’s brother Dan to play drums. They wrote music together throughout school and experimented with one or two other people joining the band. Then, they found themselves short of a bassist for a gig in their home town and asked Joe’s brother Matt if he could stand in. That was about 3 years ago now. In summer 2010, the guys all decided to take a year out before Uni (after uni for Matt) and focus on the band full-time. Since then, the band has been writing constantly and recently recorded their new songs in Long Wave Studios, Cardiff, and just before Christmas we filmed our first official music video for the forthcoming single, “Who Said It Was Over”.

How would you best describe your sound?

We try to write music that tells a story, with catchy chorus melodies and explosive instrumentals. When we have to categorize ourselves, we often get called Alternative Rock/Pop.

Musically, who/what are the bands biggest influences?

Each member of the band brings some slightly different influences which help define our sound. The main ones are:

- Thrice
- Explosions In The Sky
- Jack’s Mannequin
- Funeral For A Friend
- Automatic Love Letter
- Mayday Parade
- All Time Low
- Paramore

What are the band’s main ambitions?

- To make a living out of the band. This is the main one. To be able to get by on touring and record sales.
- Release our first album, which we should be finished by the end of summer 2011.
- To properly tour the UK and eventually the US.

I have a nice little treat for you here, as Matt from the band kindly let us guys at OTU have the B-side for the CD version of the Who Said It Was Over single. I highly recommend you take a listen to this, as it just further showcases the band talents and as far as B-sides go, this is big. If they keep producing tracks like this, I can’t see it being too long before there’s a couple of big ticks next to the first and last points on the bands ambitions.

Forever August-Shadows In Shade

For more info and updates on the band you can go to www.foreveraugust.com, and you can also add them on Facebook, just search for Forever August. A big thanks to the guys for giving us the track and answering the questions.

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