Tyga-Really Raw ft. Pharrell, Game & Snoop Dogg

Here’s the first drop from Tyga’s upcoming album, Careless World. Some very big features on here, with fellow West Coast big hitters: Snoop Dogg & The Game featuring. Not often you hear Tyga associate himself with his West Coast roots, so that’s good to see. Being a part of the Young Money team Tyga could easily have got a feature from Wayne/Nicki/Drake, that’s not to say he hasn’t for the album, but it’s admirable that’s he’s gone in a different direction for the first track we get to hear from it.

I’ve not been too big on The Neptunes beats in recent years, but this is pretty decent. Nice West Coast sound, and all the rappers come through with good raps. Apparently Tyga sends out some shots to Wiz Khalifa on this, for some bizarre reason there are rumoured tensions between them, rumours that have been denied by Wiz. I think this is just a case of the media/internets going crazy over nothing, as there’s really not anything particularly damning from Tyga’s verse (that I can make out anyway).

Tyga-Really Raw ft. Pharrell, Game & Snoop Dogg

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