Travis Barker and Clipse-Come and Get It Video

Travis wastes no time in dropping some visuals from his recent mixtape release, kicking things off with the Clipse collaboration. The track is extremely solid, and the spiky production additions from Travis compliment the brash rhymes of Pusha and Malice very well.

The interesting thing about this video is that it’s actually shot entirely with the Xbox 360 Kinect camera, which is most definitely interesting. Don’t ask me how they’ve done it/used it, but it’s resulted in some fairly eye-catching effects, ranging from black and white pixellated filters to stop-motion animation, giving this otherwise simple video a pretty spectacular visual appearance.

Worth a watch, just to see how this gaming technology is being creatively (and successfully) utilised! It’s an interesting thought that this could become quite prevalent, and hopefully we’ll see more abuse of gaming accessories for use in music videos.

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