Timbaland-Mentally ft. Lyrica Anderson

This week’s #TimbalandThursdays is upon us and this is a track that has me in two minds. On one hand Timbaland’s verses on this are filled with autotuned nonsense over an average at best beat. On the other hand Lyrica Anderson (what a name!) provides a fantastic hook which elevates the beat to decent status and makes the overall track an enjoyable listen. Click below to get hold of it.

Timbaland – Mentally ft. Lyrica Anderson

Bonus: We inexplicably forgot to post last week’s edition of this weekly series: it’s a track that features the lovely Keri Hilson, who (as some of you well know) can do no wrong in my eyes or ears.

Timbaland – You Lied, You Cheated ft. Keri Hilson

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