Swizz Beatz-Top Down ft. Nas

A version of this without Nas featured on the computer game Grand Theft Auto IV, it had always been a track intended for Nas but Swizz had this to say at the time:

“The record was originally for Nas,” he explained. “I got Nas’ vocals already. But I can’t do Nas, and his energy is not right on there. It would be dead weight. No disrespect, but it can’t be dead weight if I can’t make it feel like reality. I need the sh*t crazy. I need to shoot a video! It’s gotta be another ‘It’s Me B*tches,’ but bigger. I could easily pull a Nas card and have people be like, ‘Nas is spazzing on the verse.’ But it has to be a movie. I got it. It just gotta make sense.”

This week’s #MonsterMondays sees Swizz unleash the Nas version in all its glory!

Swizz Beatz – Top Down ft. Nas

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