Swizz Beatz ft. DMX–Change Is Gonna Come

Swizz Beatz has dropped his latest instalment of #MonsterMondays, linking up once again with his former Ruff Ryder compatriot DMX, as he did on one of his first MM tracks here.

This time round, Swizz and DMX take on the legendary Sam Cooke classic A Change Is Gonna Come, and in my eyes you really can’t go wrong with this track, it’s such a classy single to remix. Any B.o.B stans (like me…) might actually remember his cover version on his B.o.B vs Bobby Ray Mixtape way back in ’09. Swizz really doesn’t have to do much with the track, but gives it a slightly more uplifting beat, and interestingly X seems to have toned down his aggression somewhat, even giving us a sample of his singing voice on the intro. Maybe ‘change is gonna come’ and X is going to stay out of jail…

Swizz Beatz ft. DMX–Change Is Gonna Come

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