Sean Garrett and J. Cole-Feel Love Video

Garrett has been very hit-and-miss in the last year or two, but definitely got it right with this track. It’s definitely his strongest effort of the aforementioned period, and stands up as one of the better R&B tracks from last year. Of the two versions recorded (the other being with Drake), the J. Cole version has been picked for the official single/video treatment, which I assume is related to them now being labelmates over on Roc Nation.

The hook and Cole’s verses are the highlights of this track, with the track built around Garrett’s catchy, emotional hook. Cole really justifies being picked over Drake here, as he tackles the relationship/love aspect with the same sharp lyricism he brings to his usual content. Video is surprisingly decent too, unravelling a mini-story throughout that add an extra layer to the track, making it a nice all-round experience. Worth a watch and definitely worth a listen.

Audio for this is here, and the Drake version here.

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