Saigon-Bring Me Down Part 3 ft. Joe Budden

Loved the original to this and I’ve been looking forward to this ever since Saigon revealed he’d be collaborating with his former enemy Joe Budden for part 3! If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen a part 2, well expect to see that on Saigon’s debut album which is available to the UK tonight/tomorrow. Having heard that album (Sai put up a stream to it on his Myspace) it’s sounding very impressive.

As a big fan of both I did enjoy their battle raps against each other, but with that said and done it’s great to see them patch up their differences and collaborate. No doubt their mutual friend Just Blaze (also in the photo that you can see to the left of this post) mediated in what seemed to be lost cause, given what seemed like genuine animosity between the two. As with the beef itself; Saigon surprises me and raises his game to give a blistering verse and Joe Budden certainly matches him. Great track.

Saigon – Bring Me Down Part 3 ft. Joe Budden

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