Raphael Saadiq-Good Man Video

An absolutely superb audio-visual combination from one of the undisputed kings of the neo-soul genre, Raphael Saadiq.

Taken from his upcoming Stone Rollin’ album, the video details the suffering, pain and betrayal a ‘good man’ recieves from his significant other. So often in music we’re given the reverse situation with the ‘cheating, lying man’, but Raphael flips that notion and really tugs at the heartstrings with this emotional, crisply-made ’70s-style mini-movie. The thoughtful, winding nature of the song itself most certainly assists the delivery of the video’s message, and it’s a very complimentary relationship between the song and video.

Look out for the twist at the end, as it really changes the assumed relationship and story basis. I won’t spoil it for you, but to quote Saadiq’s thoughts on the video, ‘Everything around that man can be bad, his occupation, lifestyle, friends, but underneath all of it, he is a good man‘. Really worth a watch, and probably the best video I’ve seen in months. Brilliantly produced, very well acted, and set to a superb bit of vintage soul: an early contender for video of the year.

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