Random Funnies: Patrick Stump-Blue Rabbit F****ng

I don’t even know where I found this. Seriously, it was just sitting in my iTunes backlog, and came on in a shuffle. However, I’m very glad I did as it’s unbelievably ridiculous, and an audacious use of Stump’s awesome vocals.

It’s taken from an Adult Swim skit, and is essentially an X-rated parody of Avatar. If you’re of age (probably 15+?), give the video a watch as it makes hilarious use of action figures and animation. The song (as the title/first paragraph suggest) is delivered by Patrick Stump, who takes a break from his more ‘serious’ work to drop off a very funny, lewd and generally stupid (in a good way!) effort.

If you’re a bit weird like me, you’ll want the audio. Grab it here.

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