Nina B-Picture This ft. Skyzoo

Not heard much of Nina B before, but she’s caught me by surprise with this super-dope chilled bit of hip hop. A female emcee; think more Jean Grae than Nicki Minaj. Words from the lady herself:

“A cold dark night about a year or so ago, in the studio with one of my favorite producers…
I knew what I needed when I got there, and I knew he’d know exactly how to execute that too. I approached 6th Sense with a concept, I presented the vision. He started making the beat ; right there and right then, heads nodding in approval…I started writing. My competitive nature compelled me to finish my masterpiece before he could finish his…But, he’d always beat me to the punch! Even this time.

I sat there, putting it all together. Alone. And I smiled a little when it was done, but I knew what it needed now was another perspective. I reached out to Skyzoo..that’s how “Picture This” was made. Hope you enjoy!”

Nina B-Picture This ft. Skyzoo

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