Lupe Fiasco-Moment 4 Life and Girls Freestyles

Two more freestyles from Lupe’s recent visit to the shores of Britian, taking on two very diverse beats. We got a H.A.M. freestyle a few days ago, and now we’ve got him taking on one of the most popular tracks in mainstream media right now, with Nicki and Drake’s Moment 4 Life. It’s a fairly solid beat in fairness, and he comes through with a very tidy flow on this one, complimenting his sharp lyricism nicely.

Huge fan of the leftfield choice for the second freestyle, picking The Prodigy’s Girls to snap on. Unquestionably the best freestyle of the three we’ve posted, Lupe comes through with that high-tempo, high-octane intensity that was sorely missing from his H.A.M. freestyle, and would have been out of place on the M4L beat. It’s hard not to love Lupe on his breakneck lyrical style, and having not heard Lupe spit like this in way too long, it’s a timely reminder of his ability ahead of Lasers. Keep doing this Lu, for the sake of your career!

Lupe Fiasco-Moment 4 Life
Lupe Fiasco-Girls

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