Linkin Park-Burning In The Skies Video

One of the very few shining lights on Linkin Park‘s recent A Thousand Suns album, this track is one I’m still replaying today and is set to be released as their next international single.

The video is a little cluttered to begin with, but all comes together quite nicely towards the end as it acts as a look into the various and diverse lives led by the residents of a city (or probably Earth, given the celestial nature of the album title), and how futile those differences become in the face of a cataclysmic event. It’s in this latter section that the cinematography blossoms too, with the illuminous, supernova-like effects contrasted perfectly with the dark, tinted style of the rest of the video.

This explosion and inclusion of bright lighting syncs nicely with the explosive nature of its particular audio section, adding a good visual context to that upscaling in the song. Worth a watch, especially if you were unsure of their recent work.

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