Kanye West ft. Jay Z & Nicki Minaj-Monster (Teachers Remix)

Not familiar with Teachers? Me niether. After a little bit of research I can tell you they helped Yeezy and Bon Iver produce the original Monster (you can grab the original here if you already haven’t). I really wasn’t sure what to expect with this.

Having overplayed it so much myself, I was starting to become pretty bored of this track. However, my appreciation for the single has been taken to a whole new level. The Teachers have stripped the whole production right back leaving nothing but the original verses (minus Rick Ross’), giving it a far more atmospheric feel. It’s much eerier, in-keeping with the whole Monster theme. The drums take a front row seat on this one, leaving the guitar riffs to blend superbly into the background, building and dropping when needed to match each verse. It’s genuinely blown me away, I think I may actually prefer it to the original.

Kanye West ft. Jay Z & Nicki Minaj-Monster (Teachers Remix)

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