Kanye West and Jay-Z-H.A.M. (Travis Barker Remix)

From Whoo Kid and Travis’ upcoming Let The Drummer Get Wicked mixtape (in preparation for his debut Give The Drummer Some album), Travis unleashes another intense remix of an already-fiery hip-hop track.

I’ve not taken to the original version of H.A.M. as much as I thought I would after the first listen, though that’s partly down to my recent penchant for old school tracks. Either way, this is a fantastic remix and in my (not so humble) opinion, it improves the production considerably. The addition of spiky guitar riffs works superbly with the existing production, and similarly the live drum aspect plays off that operatic, powerful and aggressive production style served up by Lex Luger. In particular, the transition from the opera style back into the track towards the end is perfectly suited to Travis’ spiky, energetic additions and for me, this trumps the original.

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