Jodie Connor and Tinchy Stryder-Bring It

Switching to something a little more mainstream, the latest effort from rising pop starlet Jodie Connor surfaces with a Tinchy Stryder assist.

Whilst it doesn’t have too much setting it apart from the general mainstream sound (dance-driven beat, popular guest feature, catchy hook), it makes for a ready-made club anthem that capitalises on the dance-pop beat with uplifting vocals from Connor. R&B Fridays fans will really enjoy/replay this, though it’s probably not for me by way of being a little too generic.

Can’t complain too much with the visuals though, combining a night-time feel with sharp, bright lighting and giving Jodie lots of camera time. A little corny at times, specifically the ‘dancing in front of a fast-moving road’ thing, but ideal for mainstream audiences. On iTunes now if you want the audio.

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