J. Cole and Drake-In The Morning Video

Very simple yet enjoyable video for the first collaboration between hip-hop’s most popular upcoming rappers (though I’m not sure Drake can be called ‘upcoming’ any more).

Filmed on the European leg of their recent joint tour, the video is comprised of both live stage footage, and a little behind-the-scenes ‘documentary’ style footage, primarily of J. Cole and his girlfriend. It’s actually very refreshing to see an artist include his significant other like this, as she certainly features heavily throughout, and with most rappers keen to downplay their relationship status in favour of playing up to the ‘groupies’, I’ve certainly gained even more respect for Cole here. It helps that he has good taste too!

Worth a watch for the intimate, close-quarters feel of the video. Whilst it doesn’t necessarily add a ‘story’ to the audio, the alternative approach taken works just as well. Audio can be found both on the Friday Night Lights mixtape, and here in its own post.

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