Giggs-Take Your Hats Off [Mixtape]

I can’t proclaim to be a major Giggs fan, and I know a few of you don’t like his style, but recently I’ve really started to appreciate his work much more. He’s been making some big moves in the US lately, with the likes of this interview and jumping on the official UK remix of Lloyd Banks’ Start It Up.

So it comes as no surprise that he’s linked up with DJ Whoo Kid to bring us his first mixtape that is aimed more towards the US market, rather than the UK. Featuring the likes of Waka Flocka and the UK’s very own Example, as well as a fair bit of production from the go to man of the moment Lex Luger. It should certainly be worth checking out.

Giggs-Take Your Hats Off Mixtape

Hit the jump for the tracklist.

01. Bring The Mac (Produced by Lab OX)

02. Step Out (Produced by Ensayne Wayne)

03. Veteran Freestyle

04. Start It up Freestyle

05. Hard Freestyle

06. Monsta Man (Produced by Bayoz Muzik)

07. Gangsta Hop Remix ft Waka Flocka (Produced by Lex Luger)

08. Wolf (Produced by Mr Virgo)

09. Showout Freestyle

10. Take Your Hats Off (Produced by Lex Luger)

11. Birthday Freestyle

12. Look Over Your Shoulder featuring Example (Prod by Bayoz Muzik)

13. Fuck a Rap Song ft Fix Dot’M (Prod. by Boom Production)

14. Is It Gangsta ft Joe Grind (Prod. By Mr Virgo)

15. Middle Fingers ft Waka Flocka, Gunna Dee, Killa KI (Prod. by Lex Luger)

16. Exercise Shit (Prod. by Pablo)

17. Out There (Prod. By Universe)

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